Art in Numbers For Inner City Arts

Violet checks out the community art show “Art in Numbers” which invited local visual artists to donate their work to raise money for a kids’ art school called Inner City Arts. The show was held in an underground tunnel in Highland Park, so it was really cool to walk under Figueroa Blvd to look at the art! There were drawings, paintings, multimedia pieces, needlepoint, sculpture, and Violet’s favorite part, which was the student art by Inner City Arts kids. They were given random objects to look at and come up with new meaning, using Photoshop to blend photos drawings and text. They turned out beautifully! We noticed that some of the kids came up with messages that were just like our Be Who You Are messages – things like “It’s okay to make a mistake,” “Shine Bright,” and “The outside does not define me.”

Inner City Arts is a huge art space in downtown Los Angeles where they teach kids from all over the city many different kinds of art – drawing, painting, ceramics, dance, filmmaking, animation – and they also train teachers how to teach art as well! It’s really important to learn how to express yourself through art, no matter what kind of art, because it expands your brain in new directions. The kids who attend Inner City Arts do better in their regular school classes after they’ve learned artistic techniques because it really does help with communication, problem solving, and feeling good about yourself. And you don’t need a research study to tell you that feeling good always leads to better learning!

The show featured local professional artists including Michelle Clarizio, Ashley Gibbons, Fabio Dacunha, Lizbeth Navarro, Claudia Ramos, Claudia V. Arandia, Aaron Martinez, Aaron Rathbone, Anna Kovandjiska and lots more! For more about Art in Numbers, you can visit their Instagram page, and check out Inner City Arts to get inspired by these amazing kids!

The feel-good update to this news story is that Art in Numbers raised $8,400 for Inner City Arts during this show! Yay for them! : )