Be Who You Are Album Getting Closer…

Heartfelt thanks to you talented kids and generous parents who came out to the BWYA film shoot! Pre-production now underway for album that teaches kids to choose love over fear, speak for themselves and trust their gut!

BWYA shoot 01.11.14

You kids were such great listeners!! And thanks, moms and dads for your encouragement – couldn’t have created this Be Who You Are album trailer without you. Loved all the hugging, singing & jumping! Contagious!

BWYA shoot 01.11.14 - 3

Lining up the shot for kid-size people! Looks about right……

BWYA shoot 01.11.14 - 6

Huge thanks from Paula, Tara, Matt & Richard – and Rory!

BWYA shoot 01.11.14 - 2