BE Your Brightest

I'm free to create the world I want to see 2

Be the brightest star you can be. Shine as bright as you want!

As we say in the title track, Be Who You Are:

You don’t have to have all the answers, to be a great student of life.

You just have to hold up your lantern,  and never be scared of your light.

Are you afraid of shining too brightly? Are you worried that if you’re too ‘good,’ someone might feel bad about themselves? At times like this, it’s important to remember that YOU are important too, and your gift to the world is important. If you shrink to fit someone else’s comfortable place in life, then you are not being yourself, which will ultimately make you uncomfortable. You have every right to show off your gift to the world. The people who appreciate your light will find you, and thank you for being you. Maybe you’ve found someone like that already. But if you haven’t, trust that they are out there, and on their way.