Book Review – The Funeral by Matt James

In this new installment of “Read This Now,” Rae reviews the picture book, “The Funeral,” written and illustrated by Matt James. It’s a book about a girl who goes to her uncle’s funeral with her parents. She knows it’s a sad day, but she has fun playing with her cousin Ray outside the church, and gets to miss a day of school. Rae tells us her three favorite things about the book, including the amazing colors and pictures, and the parts where Norma sticks her head into her mom’s purse and when she protects her cousin Ray from getting hurt with a stick. Rae enjoys the accuracy of the illustrations – that there is actual stuff in the drawings of sandwiches, and that the church stained-glass windows look realistic! She thinks it’s a fantastic book and thinks you should read this now! Picture book, recommended for kids aged 3-7The Funeral was published by Groundwood Books in 2018.