Butterfly Garden

Violet is in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Butterfly Garden in Como Park Zoo! She saw the “Blue Morpho,” the “Small Postman,” the “Grecian Shoemaker,” the “Giant Owl,” the “Malachite,” the “Zebra Longwing,” the “Blue Moon,” the “Blue Clipper,” the “Paper Kite,” “Black Swallowtail,” the “Julia Longwing,” “Queen,” and “Tiger Longwing,” the “Tailed Jay,” the “Scarlet Mormon,” the “glass-winged butterfly” – and a giant moth called the “Atlas Moth”!

We watched a butterfly emerging from its crysalis with wet wings, ready to dry off and start flying around! They were landing on everything including people – even on Violet’s grandma’s chin! The butterfly conservatory workers knew how to gently pull the butterflies off people with sticks covered in foam. That way they don’t damage the wings, which have a powdery coating that is very fragile.

In the winter, St. Paul is very cold, so the butterfly conservatory closes its doors after the last few butterflies of the season have lived out their lives. Many of the butterflies are imported from warmer climates.

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