Eastside Arts!

10-year-old Rose Rannells reports from Eastside Arts, her neighborhood kids’ theater and film school where kids learn acting, improv, theater games and filmmaking. She loves taking classes there because she says you get to do things that you wouldn’t think you’d get to do until you’re older!

Rose shows us some highlights from the Eastside Arts Spring Showcase on June 10th, 2018 at Twinkle Toes Dance Studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles, then she takes us to a community festival called Lummis Day where the kids perform for “real people, not just their parents!” Lummis Day is a community festival that celebrates the cultural diversity of Northeast Los Angeles, honoring Charles Fletcher Lummis who was an activist for the rights of Native Americans and Spanish-speaking people, an advocate for the arts, and the first City Editor of the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

On Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 at at the festival’s Sycamore Park location, the kids from Eastside Arts performed their musical theater numbers on the Angel Stage, which was created to promote emerging talent. They were awesome! And the crowd was standing room only, full of ‘real’ people – and parents too : )

Rose thinks every kid should be able to experience the classes at Eastside Arts because they’re really fun. And, you learn a lot!

Learn more at www.eastsideartsla.com, where their motto is “Creativity, Confidence, Compassion.” ESA was founded by actress and coach Kathryn Winslow, and actor and filmmaker Elise Robertson, both professionals in their fields with numerous credits and awards. They’ve created a fun, safe and supportive environment at Eastside Arts where kids thrive, and expand their imaginations!

“We believe that the performing arts are a great way to teach kids important life skills through guided play.” — Eastside Arts