Be Who You Are Album Now In Session

First Recording Session 1To kick off this blog post, let us begin with a quote from award winning writer-filmmaker Paula Tiberius: “Authenticity is the greatest gift humans can offer the world. When your heart is behind something, you can make anything happen.”  Yes yes yes! Three cheers to this quote! I adore this quote. This quote has within it the answer to the woes of the human race. Run, quote, run! Run wild and free and jump into the life of every person you meet!

Dear Extraordinary Person Reading This Article:  You were born authentic, with a destiny to stay authentic for your entire time on earth. (And beyond.) Paula Tiberius & Tara Samuel are two more people on the planet who want you to succeed. We want every person in the world to sing and speak and make and build and laugh in your own beautiful, delightful, authentic way. To fortify & encourage you, children young and old, (I happen to be a child in my thirties) …we are recording an album with songs & stories that will give you tools and reminders for How To Be Your Greatest, Most Fully-Expressed Authentic Self.

That’s right ladies & gentlemen: our new notorious children’s album is now in the works: Be Who You Are. Available soon. Keeping you posted, dear curious reader. That’s me at the mic up there in the corner, thoroughly amusing myself during our first recording session. Sailing through the verses of our song “How To Fly” thanks to my cheat-sheet. (Lyrics will be memorized for our live gigs, I promise.) Taking the photos you see here is savvy and talented partner-in-album-mischief: Paula Tiberius.

First Recording Session 2….Also on this adventure with us: producer-musician-rockstar Richard Duguay, (left)  lending his musical ear and arrangement skills to our recordings. Thank you Into The Black Studios! Many other talented & imaginative guests will also be contriubuting to our Be Who You Are album as Paula mentioned in our last blog, including actors, singers & spoken-word artists Cara Pifko, Kathryn Winslow, Krista Sutton, and Matt Flugger & Gareth Bennett of The Black Currents….and more…

So Get Ready To Listen and Expand, dear music-loving explorer. We are so glad you are reading about us here. You are already a part of this adventure. Stay-tuned here for updates! See you soon…  T.S.