Fun With Ahead With Horses!

This past Saturday was the 33rd Annual Children’s Demonstration & Fun Day for Ahead With Horses, an organization that uses therapeutic vaulting to help differently-abled kids advance with their physical, emotional and social progress.

Each kid had a favorite horse and rode around the ring showing off their skills of riding, squatting and standing tall on top of the saddle! It was very inspiring! : )

Ahead w Horses 4

Ahead w Horses 16

Ahead w horses 18

The kids discover and develop their balance, concentration and muscle control from working with the horses. By feeling the rhythm of the horses’ movements, that are similar to a human gait, the kids get the hang of their own bodies. One little girl learned to walk over the course of a year!

There were games and prizes, delicious food and treats, and a photo booth by FĂȘte Films who will create a highlight reel from the day. Be Who You Are creator Paula Tiberius and her daughter Violet were there watching the show, doing crafts and eating lots of cookies. Paula works as a creative consultant to Dr. Ava Cadell who sits on the Ahead With Horses board, and helps organize and rally for the annual fundraising event.

Ahead w horses 24
Dr. Ava Cadell with Paula and her daughter Violet, holding her beanie baby – free upon entry!

Soon to join the board of directors is Carlana Stone Lawson who has written an inspirational book about her journey to overcome her own physical disability after a car accident as a teenager.

Ahead w Horses 21
Dr. Ava with Carlana Stone Lawson

An inspirational day in the hot sun in Shadow Hills, CA watching kids be who they are!!!