How To Make A Paper Fortune Teller

Watch this paper craft video where you end up with a screen-free interactive game! : )

Lily shows us how to make a paper fortune teller, with the help of Violet who is following along beside her. This origami classic lets you tell your friends’ fortunes by getting them to choose colors and numbers as you flap the beak of the fortune teller back and forth. The final number you pick determines your fortune as you lift up the flap and read the words written underneath!

It’s easy to make, and you can use your imagination to come up with fortunes that are funny or scary or ones that make you think, like, “You have a free trip to anywhere in the world!” Where would you decide to go?

Lily and Violet take you through the process step-by-step from getting a perfectly square piece of paper, to the final product that inevitably ends in laughter! Who needs screens when you can tell someone’s fortune instead?

🌟 Do you know how to make a paper fortune teller? They’re so much fun to make and to use! It’s one of the easiest origami projects as far as paper-folding goes – even small children can figure it out without getting frustrated. And then they giggle like crazy when they get to hear their fortunes! Or better yet, when they get to tell someone else their fate… 😀