How To Make Slime! with Violet

Violet Duguay knows a lot about slime. She’s been perfecting her recipe for months on end, going through gallons and gallons of Elmer’s white glue. Elmer’s must be making record sales because their gallon size has now reduced in price from $20 to $15! Hmm. In this video, Violet takes you on a step-by-step journey to making Strawberry Milkshake slime, Which is a beautiful dark coral pink color. It’s very stretchy, due to the liquid hand soap added, and a little bit fluffy because of the shaving cream. But the primary ingredients are white glue and Borax solution, otherwise known as the ‘activator.’

Follow along to make your own slime, and see if yours comes out the same – then try to make big tabletop bubbles like she does! It’s so fun to watch them pop! : )

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