Hug & Love Your Kids!

Peace On Earth Tip # 427:

Peace On Earth comes when Personal Joy runs the show.
Personal Joy everywhere, around the world, please.

Personal Joy comes when we quit all that worrying.
No more worrying, people!

Rory’s cousin gave him a book called “Don’t Feed the Worry Bug” – heard of it?
It’s a good one.
A reminder to us all to quit worrying!
Starting with our kids!

Our kids are the ones to illuminate & enlighten the world next.
Lets be sure to teach them how to quit worrying.
How to quit worrying? Lead by peaceful example! Hug your kids! Encourage their interests! Give them positive feedback always!
Tell your kids they are smart. Tell them they are beautiful. Tell them they can change the world.
Love love love your kids.
Hug and love your kids.

This is Peace On Earth Tip #427:
Hug and love your kids.

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