Paula & Tara Yuk It Up At Their Interview For BWYA Album Trailer!

BWYA Tara Paula shoot

We finally got the set perfect and our hair just right (ha!) and were ready to film our interview portion of the Be Who You Are album trailer in which we earnestly describe the importance of empowering children with our songs and spoken word pieces….

We quickly realized that it would be a lot more fun than just that!!! We couldn’t stop giggling about – well – everything. And that’s a good thing! Every part of this record does infuse fun – from writing and playing the songs, to getting kids together at the park for fun and filming, to goofing around with this trailer. The important thing is that we love what we’re doing and we want that love to be infectious. In fact, one of the central messages of the album is telling kids to CHOOSE LOVE OVER FEAR!!!

Wish us luck wading through at least half an hour of goofy footage – there’s gold in there, we know it!

More updates soon! Meanwhile, if you can’t wait to read about the record, go here! Or anywhere else on this site : )

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