Parents love Be Who You Are! Here are some reviews we’ve received so far : )


“As a mother of three young boys, I experienced myself how important it is for our kids to know “be who you are” (that’s okay). With the immense role of the iPad, television or YouTube in today’s (involuntarily) raising of our kids, it’s so good that they learn that not only the commercial ideas of “being who you are” count. Every kid should have a parent or caretaker who tells and teaches him/her what the important things in life are: Friendship, love, working together, accepting each other, standing up for themselves and others, sharing, etc. So I hope that a lot of kids (and adults) in the US benefit from this album! And it’s soooo nice to listen to a kids album with good music and normal voices : ) It’s such an important initiative in today’s society.”

Renee S, mom of 3 in the Netherlands


“Every parent needs this CD! It is a creative, entertaining, beautifully realized support tool for kids dealing with growing up and life! My twins love it because it is really great music too.”

Anita P, mom of twins in Los Angeles CA


“I hope you reach a ton of kids! My daughter asked if she could take it to school to play in her after school program while they knit. Of course I said yes – I know they are going to totally dig it!”

Felicia R., Mom to a 10 year old girl, California


Testimonials for our School Participation : )

guitar-cookiesHi Paula, this is….We met at Canterbury earlier this year. I wanted to share how my son was telling us how much fun he is having learning your songs from you and your husband. He saw these cookies and thought of you two and called them “Paula and Ritchie rock n’ roll cookies!” Thanks for sharing your music!! Your song even provided a learning moment for him as well. New shoes, comments from friends. So the lesson was “Be Who You Are”. The peer pressure is even present in 1st grade. I’m including emojis that he wanted me share. ⚡️☠️✌️