The Amazing Adventures of Frankie Wiggles – “Shnoobly Boobly”

Frankie and Jackson are back! And this time Frankie discovers peanut butter! Jackson’s a bit jealous with all the cuddling and belly rubs that Frankie gets just because he’s so little and cute, so he comes up with a plan to distract Frankie long enough to get his own cuddles in with Violet. You won’t be able to watch this video without wanting to say, “Shnoobly Boobly!”

Starring Frankie Wiggles the Dameranian (a Dachshund & Pomeranian mix) and Jackson the German Shepherd. You can follow them both on Instagram along with creators Violet, Paula and Richard! @wigglethedameranian @jacksonthegiantgsd @violettiberius @ptiberius @duguay_r

Meher Steinberg wrote the Frankie Wiggles theme song, and you can check out his YouTube channel too for lots of cool music videos.

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