The Amazing Adventures of Frankie Wiggles – Stranded on the Roof!

Frankie Wiggles is stranded on the roof! How did he get there? And why isn’t the Big Guy saving him? Find out in this new installment of The Adventures of Frankie Wiggles! Starring Frankie Wiggles, and Jackson as the “Big Guy.”

10 year old Violet co-directs and helps edit this short film based on her Damerian puppy! That’s a dachshund mixed with a Pomeranian, in case you didn’t know….and Jackson is a German Shepherd – the Be Who You Are dog! He also stars in Your Toys Could Be Better, a music video on our channel….stay tuned for more episodes of The Amazing Adventures of Frankie Wiggles!

And let us know what adventures YOU would like to see Frankie get up to! : )