The Amazing Adventures of Frankie Wiggles – “Trash Can Escape”

It’s the fourth installment of The Amazing Adventures of Frankie Wiggles! This week, Jackson’s had enough of Frankie’s yakking, so he sticks him in the garbage can to get some peace and quiet. But when he’s ready to set him free, something terrible is about to happen. The garbage truck coming! Oh no! Frankie’s going to get munched in the truck! Jackson is so upset, but there’s nothing he can do and it’s all his fault. That’s when he learns about Frankie’s superpower!

We had so much fun shooting this episode with Violet, Paula, Richard and our guest creator Julia Burton! Julia had some great ideas while we were shooting outside and helped us stay on track to remember all the different shots we needed. Thanks Julia! You can check out her amazing homemade art and goods at:…

The Frankie Wiggles theme song was written and performed by Meher Steinberg, who has his own YouTube channel – go subscribe for excellent music and awesome videos : ) As always, let us know what adventures you’d like to see Frankie get up to.