WDCH Dreams

Violet takes us to “WDCH Dreams,” a temporary art show presentation in downtown Los Angeles that was REALLY cool. This video shows some highlights from the experience and explains how it came about.

In celebration of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s 100th birthday, the Walt Disney Concert Hall projected an art show by Refik Anadol onto the building which was designed by architect Frank Gehry. Gehry himself was excited about this show because he always imagined light projections onto the huge metal surfaces of his building.

The artist created this “data universe” by using millions of data points from the archive of the Philharmonics – videos, audios, pictures – and then he processed them with the help of the Artists and Machine Intelligence programme at Google Arts & Culture.

The result is astounding, and as Violet says, “really satisfying and pretty.” Enjoy! And thank you to all the artists and technical people that made this vision happen. You’re making the world a more beautiful place : )