“Your Toys Could Be Better” Underway!

Today at Be Who You Are headquarters, we’re beginning to record and arrange one of the last tracks on the album called “Your Toys Could Be Better.” It’s a letter to a big movie and toy company from a little girl who is frustrated with the lack of imagination and fun in their toys. She’s got some ideas of her own.

It’s going to be sung by a little girl! We hope. We have Violet in mind, and she has said yes! So stay tuned to find out how it goes….

But meanwhile this video is Paula laying down a rough version of the song. Here’s a sneak peek at the lyrics if you want to sing along : )

I love all your movies

The princess girls are smart

They do all kinds of real cool stuff

And they have the biggest hearts


I don’t want to complain now

But I guess I kind of am

The toys you make just don’t make sense

For me and my sister Sam


Cuz they do a lot of things in the movies you see

But I get to the store and there’s nothing for me

Because my play time’s bigger than clothes and tea

And dishes and dolls and baby makes three


Because your toys could be better

I’m writing you a letter!